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Título: Stability of gluten free sweet biscuit elaborated with rice bran, broken rice and okara
Autor(es): Tavares, Bruna Oliveira; et. al.

Data do documento: 2016
Citação: Food Science and Technology, v. 36, n.2, p.296-303, 2016. DOI:
Resumo: A challenge to the food sector has been the development of new products incorporating co-products from the food processing industry with minimal impact on their pre-determined structures and adding nutritional quality. In order to add value and develop alternatives for the use of co-products generated during the agroindustrial processing, this work aimed to study the stability of gluten-free sweet biscuits developed with soybean okara, rice bran and broken rice. The formulations were elaborated with increasing percentages of these ingredients and compared with the standard (commercial sweet biscuit) for ten months. The analyses were: weight, diameters (internal and external), thickness, specific volume, instrumental parameters of color, texture, scanning electron microscopy, water activity, proximal composition and isoflavones. The experimental sweet biscuits had characteristics of color, weight, volume and diameters (internal and external) very similar to the commercial, whereas texture, lipids and energy value decreased, and aw, moisture and protein increased during storage. The sweet biscuits showed the same stability when compared to the standard, and the
ISSN: 0101-2061
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