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Título: Impact of sustainability labeling in the perception of sensory quality and purchase intention of chocolate consumers
Autor(es): Silva, Adriana Reis de Andrade; et. al.

Palavras-chave: Seal
Data do documento: 2017
Editor: Elsevier Ltd.
Citação: Journal of Cleaner Production, v. 141, n.1, p.11-21. Set./2016 (Jan./2017).
Resumo: Currently, food market appeal for sustainable and/or organic agriculture have grown worldwide as a way of promoting sustainable development. Brazil has developed sustainability projects (certification as organic, sustainable farming certified by Rainforest Alliance, products with designation of origin, among others) in the cocoa and chocolate industry, once the country stands out as one of the largest producers of cocoa. Labeling is an important tool for consumer's perception of sustainability and quality of a product. In this context, this study aimed to investigate the impact of sustainability labeling (seal and/or indication of organic, origin and quality, and Sustainable Agriculture) on purchase intention and quality perception of products labeled by the quality and sustainability criteria. The study was conducted with Brazilian consumers. Six dark chocolate samples with quality seals containing different percentages of cocoa were investigated. A blind test was carried out in the first evaluation session, and in the second session, all judges were informed about the percentage of cocoa and the label of each sample. The results demonstrated an influence of quality and sustainability labeling on the sensory acceptance of the product. However, the sensory attributes such as flavor were very important to consumer behavior. These results can contribute to value-added approaches to the cocoa/chocolate chain. The sensory quality of the chocolates associated with environmental and quality labeling are important for this sector, provided that there is understanding of environmental labels by consumers and sensory consumer satisfaction. This study can support the development of cocoa and chocolate chain through information and knowledge on the influence of the quality and sustainability labeling in cocoa and chocolate to assist the actions of producers and companies.
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