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Título: Set-off: Development of a Simulation Press and Analytical Approach to Study the Phenomenon
Autor(es): Lemos, Aline Brionisio; et. al.

Data do documento: 2017
Editor: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Citação: Packaging Technology and Science, Wiley Online Library, versão online, 10p. 2017.
Resumo: One type of mass transfer between package and food is through set-off. This phenomenon is defined as the transfer of components from the external layer (printed surface) of a packaging material to the inner side (surface to come into contact with food) during storage of printed substrates in reels or stacks. The objective of this work was to build up the equipment for set-off simulation and to assess the extent of benzophenone (BP) transfer. BP is a model photoinitiator used in standard ultraviolet curable inks (non-low migration inks). For set-off simulation, the storage conditions (time, temperature and pressure) and the ink film weight are provided by EuPIA Guidelines. Ethanol 50% (v/v) as simulant and contact condition of 40°C/10 days were used. Samples were printed and cured at different speeds. The migrated BP was determined by analysing the extracts using high-performance liquid chromatography with diode-array detector. Set-off phenomenon extent was dependent on the curing. In general, the BP migrations increase as speed increased.
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