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Título: A byproduct of uvaia (Eugenia pyriformis) processing as a natural source for coloring sugar hard-panning confections
Autor(es): Avelar, Matheus H. M. de; el. al.

Data do documento: 2019
Editor: Wiley
Citação: J Food Process Eng., 2019.
Resumo: Due to the increased demand for healthier confectionery products and the great importance of finding environmentally appropriate destinations for fruit processing byproducts, this study evaluated the performance of a Brazilian fruit (uvaia, Eugenia pyriformis) byproduct in coloring sugar hard-panning confections compared to synthetic caramel color and a natural fruit/plant-based concentrate. The obtained products were characterized according to their sensory acceptance, instrumental texture and color, water activity, moisture content, glass transition temperature, and sorption isotherm. A strong influence of the coloring agents was observed on the coatings' physical and chemical parameters. Comparatively, the uvaia byproduct induced a significant increase in the hardness and glass transition temperature of the confection, which may result in better stability concerning the maintenance of crunchiness. A sensory preference for naturally colored confections compared to a synthetically colored confection was observed. The uvaia byproduct presents technological potential as a sustainable coloring agent with low cost for confections
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