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Título: Physico-chemical, sensory and nutritional characteristics of cereal bars with addition of acacia gum, inulin and sorbitol
Autor(es): Srebernich, Silvana Mariana; et. al.

Palavras-chave: Soluble fiber
Data do documento: 2016
Citação: Food Science and Technology, Campinas, v. 36, n.3, p. 555-562, Jul.-Set./2016.
Resumo: The cereal bars are products globally accepted and consumed by all age groups. In this study, by Response Surface Methodology (RSM), the effects of different concentrations of inulin, acacia gum and sorbitol in the characteristics of hardness, color and water activity of cereal bars were studied. A total of 17 experiments being 8 factorials, 6 axials and 3 repetitions at the central point were performed. The regression model presented for the hardness was significant indicating that the quantities of inulin, acacia gum and sorbitol affect the hardness of the cereal bars. Referring to color it was observed that the less inulin and more sorbitol, the more yellow the tone of the bars was. The results of water activity were not influenced by the ingredients. In a comprehensive assessment through the RSM, the bars coming from the treatments 5 and 11 provided the best results and when submitted to sensory evaluation they were not statistically different. Although these bars have presented reduction of 15 to 20% in calorific value, according to the DRC 54/2012 they cannot be considered products with a reduced caloric value. These bars also presented considerable level of soluble fiber (more than 3% inulin).
ISSN: 0101-2061
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