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Título: Review: use of fruits and vegetables in processed foods: consumption trends and technological impacts
Autor(es): Moura, Sílvia Cristina Sobottka Rolim de
Vialta, Airton

Palavras-chave: Food industry
Healthy food
Data do documento: 2022
Citação: Food Science and Technology, Volume: 41 Supplement 2, 2021.
Resumo: According to FAO information, during the last decades great efforts have been made by authorities and specialists for the development of public policy and to spread the benefits of adopting healthy diets and physical activities, aiming to reduce the incidence of non-transmissible chronic diseases, which are the main cause of death worldwide. In spite of its healthy status, the consumption of vegetable products (fruits, vegetables, grains, and plants) has been staying below the expected level in most countries, forcing the public policy makers to implement ways to encourage consumers to include more vegetable products in their diets. Aware of this reality, the food industry continuously seeks for innovative ways of contributing to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. This review proposes to show the consequences of functionality and nutrition macrotrends for fruit and vegetable consumption, and the technological challenges and alternatives found for the development of processed products containing such raw materials.
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