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Título: Recent advances in toxicity and analytical methods of monochloropropanediols and glycidyl fatty acid esters in foods
Autor(es): Arisseto, Adriana Pavesi; et. al.

Data do documento: 2018
Editor: Elsevier Ltd.
Citação: Current Opinion in Food Science, v. 24, p. 36-42, 2018.
Resumo: An emerging group of process-induced food contaminants including esterified forms of monochloropropanediols (MCPDE) and glycidol (GE) has attracted significant attention of fats and oils producers in the past few years. These substances are mainly formed during the deodorization step of the refining processing of vegetable oils. Literature indicates different precursors, mechanisms and process conditions for the formation of these contaminants. Nephrotoxicity, developmental and reproduction toxicity, and carcinogenicity have been described as the most important adverse effects of MCPDE and GE. Analytical methods for the determination of these contaminants include direct and indirect approaches, and some of them are fully validated for different matrices. However, important gaps still exist, which motivates many research opportunities on this topic.
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