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Título: Liquids offered in pediatric videofluoroscopy swallowing study: A preliminary rheological analysis
Autor(es): Hernandez, Ana Maria; et al.

Data do documento: 2021
Citação: Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, v. 44, n. 12, 2020.
Resumo: The videofluoroscopy swallowing study is considered a gold standard for the precise diagnosis in feeding/swallowing disorders. Regarding neonates and infants, the evaluation is conducted exclusively with barium sulfate-impregnated liquids. This exploratory study aimed at analyzing the rheological and macroscopic properties of liquids usually presented during videofluoroscopy swallowing studies in Brazil, considering that products often differ from one country to another. Rheological measurements were taken of one sample of infant formula, one of the breast milk, and another two of these liquids impregnated with barium sulfate. Considering the value of 50 s-1, average shear rate, the addition of barium sulfate made breast milk 18 times more viscous, and Aptamil 18.5 times more viscous, reaching thresholds close to that of mildly thick. The use of liquids in viscosity as close as possible to what will be proposed in the patient's diet indication is crucial for their safety.
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