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Título: Food-Package-Processing relationships in emerging technologies: Ultrasound effects on polyamide multilayer packaging in contact with different food simulants
Autor(es): Marangoni Júnior, Luís
Borges, Daniele Fidelis
Ito, Danielle
Teixeira, Fábio Gomes
Dantas, Fiorella Balardin Hellmeister
Padula, Marisa
Augusto, Pedro Esteves Duarte
Vieira, Roniérik Pioli

Palavras-chave: Flexible packaging
Emerging technologies
Tensile strength
Heat sealing strength
Barrier properties
Data do documento: 2023
Editor: Elsevier
Citação: Food Research International, Amsterdan, 163, 112217, 2023.
Resumo: In this study, the effect of ultrasound processing on the properties of two packages widely used in food products was evaluated: polyamide (PA) and polyethylene (PE) multilayer packaging. Packages composed of PE/PA/PE (Film A) and PE/PA/PE/PA/PE (Film B) were filled with aqueous and fatty food simulants and treated in an ultrasound water bath (frequency 25 kHz, volumetric power of 9.74 W/L, temperature of 25 ◦C, and time of 30 and 60 min). Materials were evaluated in term of structure and performance properties. Ultrasound did not or induced small changes in chemical groups, crystallinity, melting temperature, and tensile strength of the films. Film A showed a reduction in heat sealing tensile strength of 25% in the machine direction and 22% in the transverse direction. Film B showed a 20% increase of water vapor transmission rate after ultrasound processing. Although ultrasound had little impact on the properties of the evaluated materials, these modifications do not compromise the use of these packages for applications in ultrasound-processed foods. Therefore, the results indicate that ultrasound can be used as a food processing technology in multilayer PA and PE packaging.
ISSN: 0963-9969
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